The Franchising system is an expansion methodology, used by a company (Franchising Company), which has the Know-How (experience), a strong name recognized in the market and a history of success in the sale of a certain product and / or service.

Franchising is one of the segments of the Economy with the greatest growth and maturation in the world, systematically overcoming the adversities generated by local and globalized economies.

The Franchising System is proven to be an excellent expansion methodology that minimizes the risk inherent in all business activity.

Being a BEST ACCOUNT franchisee is having the opportunity to create your own business, with low investment, low risk, using a successful business model and enjoying rigorous and permanent support. The BEST ACCOUNT Franchising is characterized by being an innovative model, allowing the Franchisee to obtain the brand's know-how in a simple and effective way, reducing operating and administrative costs, constant training and permanent support in the sustained growth of the business.

Why Best Account Franchising?

  • Low Risk and High Return on Financial and Personal Investment
  • Access to an Effective and Always Updated Work System
  • Permanent Innovation
  • Constant Formation
  • An own consultant who supports you in the Technical and Strategic - Management of the Business
What are the characteristics of a Best Account Franchisee?

  • High motivation and professional ambition
  • High sense of ethics
  • Huge communication skills, leadership
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and focus on client results
  • Highly resistant to Stress and Resilient
  • Technically: Training in the areas of: Management | Economy | Accounting

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