An ordinance published this Friday, February 16, in Diário da República, comes to review the documents that must be included in the so-called fiscal dossier, mandatory for companies and for IRS taxpayers who have or are required to have organized accounting and that they have to constitute a tax document process for each financial year, the so-called fiscal dossier.

After, in 2016, an optional tax revaluation regime for fixed assets and investment properties not valued at fair value was established, the purpose of the ordinance now published was to update the set of documents that integrate the fiscal dossier. The official model map is also approved, which taxable persons who carry out the said tax revaluation are required to include in their tax documentation process.

Therefore, are new models for the revaluation map of non-fully depreciated assets and for the revaluation map of fully depreciated assets. On the other hand, the reintegration maps of revalued assets are still in force; the map of provisions, impairment losses on credits and adjustments to inventories; the map of capital gains and losses; and the depreciation and amortization map, as well as its instructions for completion and the respective data structure.

The new rules apply to tax periods beginning on or after January 1, 2017, stipulating the ordinance signed by the Secretary of State for Tax Affairs, António Mendonça Mendes

Source: Jornaldenegócios