Do you already know everything you can deduct from the IRS in 2018? Then confirm the list of what you can deduct in the IRS for the year 2017, to be delivered in 2018.

You should pay special attention to family expenses that go into the IRS. It is necessary to confirm these expenses online on the e-invoice portal.

  • Health:

Deduction: 15% of the expenses borne by any member of the household.

Limit: € 1,000.00

  • Health insurance premiums:

Deduction: 15% of insurance premiums that only cover health risk.

Limit: € 1,000.00

  • Housing

Interest on own and permanent home loans

Deduction: 15% of interest on credit in contracts made up to December 31, 2011.

Limit: € 296

  • Rent from real estate for permanent housing

Deduction: 15%

Limit: 502 €

  • Property rehabilitation charges

Deduction: 30%

Limit: 500 €

  • Education

Deduction: 30% of expenses.

Limit: € 800

  • General costs

Deduction: 35% of the amount supported

Limit: € 250 (or € 500 per couple)

  • Invoice VAT

Deduction: 15% of a total amount of expenses in restaurants, hairdressers, car repairs and hotels.

Limit: € 250 per household.

  • Nursing Homes:

Deduction: 25% of the amount relating to general charges for households and home support (own, upward and collateral up to the 3rd degree with incomes less than € 557).

Limit: € 403.75

  • Child Support/ Maintenance Allowance:

Deduction: 20% of the amounts proven to be supported by a judgment or judicial agreement.

Without limit.

  • PPR and pension funds

Deduction: 20% of amounts applied before retirement.

Limit: PPR up to 35 years - 400 €, PPR from 35 to 50 years - 350 €, PPR over 50 years - 300 €

  • Public capitalization regime

Deduction: 20% of the amounts invested in State Reform Certificates.

Limit: 350 € (700 couple)

  • Donations

Deduction: 25% of cash donations attributed to social institutions.

Limit: in donations to the State there is no limit, for other entities up to 15% of the collection.

Know the amounts you have to spend in order to obtain the maximum IRS deduction amounts.

The deduction limits depend on the income tax bracket.

Despite the possible deductions in the IRS presented above, it is not possible to exceed the following global limits for each step.

In the first step (taxable income up to 7,035 euros) there are no limits on the possible deduction of IRS.

In the case of taxable income between 7,035 euros and 80,000 euros, the ceiling for deductions is calculated based on the mathematical formula: 1,000 € + [(2,500 € - 1,000 €) x [80,000 € - Taxable income] / (80,000 € - 7,035 €)].

In the case of the fifth and last step (income above 80,000 euros), the IRS is only allowed to deduct up to 1,000 euros.

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