Today, April 4, 2018, a day full of meaning for the Best Account, can be summed up with two words as simple as they are emblematic: gratitude and satisfaction.

I start with appreciation and turn to a philosopher who said: "No duty is more important than gratitude".

On the day that we celebrate 5 years of existence, I want to thank everyone who walked this path with us, in good times and in bad times, in prosperity and in difficulty, I do it with the modesty of those who are aware that nothing - absolutely nothing! - it is built alone, if not in partnership, together with others, with synergy and a collective spirit.

Today I am immensely pleased to bring together all employees, honoring all Customers, Partners, suppliers, family and friends, to celebrate this day of our company.

No sense would make, or have this celebration, without all of you.

A company that wants to be strong and modern has two indispensable principles: its customers and employees.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Customers for the trust and loyalty shown throughout this history and express the sincere desire and the firm determination to continue strengthening ties, in a constructive and professional partnership in which everyone can win.

I also thank our Employees, competent and committed people who accompany and who represent our biggest and best asset, thank you very much for being part of the BEST ACCOUNT Family.

Today's celebration has a very special character: it means much more than just a birthday; it means, rather, the celebration of the success of a commitment, of commitment to a cause and a mission, with values ​​that give meaning to our existence as a company.

The values ​​and vision are written: integrity, confidentiality, excellence, specialization, efficiency, objectivity, collaboration, respect, teamwork and sustainability, with the priority of Customer satisfaction and in which each Customer is unique.

The mission remains clear and straightforward: to provide an excellent service with high added value using the best practices in the area to deserve the trust placed in us by our customers, with defined objectives being to highlight the increasing customer satisfaction and increase market share in order to be a reference company in the sector.

Getting here has been the work of a lot of struggle and dedication, with problems and difficulties typical of the corporate world, but also with many achievements and achievements, of which we are very proud.

As the Roman poet Horácio used to say, “adversities awaken capacities in us that, in favorable circumstances, would have been asleep”.

I am, therefore, grateful to you Customers, Employees, partners, suppliers who give me strength, serenity and perseverance to overcome difficulties and continue on the path, and the path, as we know, is done on foot.

Best Account, is a company committed to pursuing excellence, a recent company, and even only completing 5 years, it knows the responsibility it has for the future and its sustainability

It was 5 years of struggle and suffering, of conquests and defeats, but we are alive, and we will remain alive and if all this can be called a success, then, with due modesty, we can consider ourselves a successful company.

But success is not the work of one or the other, nor of some, success must necessarily be the work of all, it is the result of collective work, and often with a high spirit of sacrifice.

Success for success means nothing. Success is a consequence, not an objective.

It is this philosophy and this spirit that has made BEST ACCOUNT what it is today, a company dedicated to the constant support of our Clients with the clear objective of supporting them in their success, we will continue with the objective of sustained growth with a constant increase our Customer portfolio, aiming to build strong and lasting relationships with everyone, based on trust, respect and excellence.

Finally, I cannot pass up the opportunity to also express our thanks to our Franchisees from Porto, Cascais and Matosinhos, who, by believing in this project, gave us even greater confidence to face the future.

And the future is there. Our task is to be permanently prepared for the promises and challenges that he poses to us.

The future is with you and Best will achieve it with you.

In this way I finish telling you, THANKS EVERYONE!!!