The application period for the second phase runs between 9:00 am on May 2 and 6:00 pm on June 1 and the application for Professional Internships is made by the entity, on the IEFP portal, according to the published notice on the organisation's website.

According to the opening notice, the budget allocation for the second application period is 45 million euros, of which 16 million for the North region, 13.5 million for Lisbon and Vale do Tejo, 10.5 million for the Center, 2.8 million for Alentejo and 2.2 million for the Algarve.

Professional Trainees can apply for individuals or legal entities, from the private sector, with or without profit, and the applications are approved taking into account several criteria, up to the limit of the budget allocation.

The internships last for nine months and are aimed at unemployed people enrolled in the IEFP, especially young people between 18 and 30 years of age or long-term unemployed (for more than 12 months in unemployment), among other situations.

Interns are entitled to a monthly scholarship, which varies according to their level of qualification. The IEFP supports the payment of the scholarship (supports 65% or more of these values, depending on the typology of the recipient and the promoter) and the employer covers the remaining part of the costs.

During this application period, it will be possible to formalize the application for an Employment Prize, supporting the signing of open-ended employment contracts, with ex-trainees, related to the hiring of ex-trainees of the Employment Internships, Internship and REACTIVATE measures.

The first phase of the IEFP Professional Internships, which ran from February 1st to March 1st, had a budget allocation of 30 million euros and received 6,935 applications, for a total of 8,775 vacancies.

And we can help, from the submission of the application to the closing of accounts, we manage the entire process.

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